Welcome to IMRANYALI.COM “Learning Medicine Beyond Borders”. Imran Ali graduated from St. Georges’ University School of Medicine’s Global Scholar’s program.  He then pursued a Masters of Public Health at New York Medical College’s Institute for Public Health where he authored a master’s thesis on dementia treatments for people living with HIV. He has completed a Masters in Public Health in Health Policy and Management as well.  He is currently a second year resident physician in Internal Medicine at Yale New Haven Health, Bridgeport Hospital with eventual career plans for a clinical as well as policy/advocacy position in Geriatric Medicine Specifically patient centered outcomes as well as the intersection between emerging cancer therapies, survivorship and palliative care are priority of Dr. Ali. With an era of multiple modalities of treatment whether it be traditional chemotherapy or immunotherapy the Geriatric Population brings a special consideration. Dr. Ali is interested in how better we can address cancer treatment in the older population without stereotypes. With regard to research , he is currently on he basis of his Masters thesis on HIV's deleterious effect on Neurological function exploring the relation between HIV 's viral proteins and their possible oncogenic ability in patient living longer with the disease. Currently the Veteran's Aging Cohort Study is proving to be a trove of information that can shed more light on this area and Dr. Ali is delving deeper into this.

 He also spent a year working alongside Dr. Sanjay Gupta and the CNN Medical Unit.  Ali hosts a medical radio show called 'Radio Rounds’ where Ali interviews influential doctors and explains complicated concepts to his listeners so that they can understand and use information to better their health. He currently is active in Health Policy and Disaster Management after working in the New York Office of Emergency Management. Along with contributing to CT Style/Good Morning Connecticut on ABC News 8; he frequently is a guest on CNN HLN's "Nancy Grace" and now “Crime and Justice with Ashleigh Banfield” providing medical commentary